Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If there's one thing I thoroughly enjoy it's cigars, such as this one.

They provide +5 Agility, Strength, and Awesome, but -10 stamina and chance of cancers. This one cost my friend $6 but it was better than most $20-30 cigars I've had. I recommend Romeo &  Julieta cigars if you're inclined to ever try cigar smoking. These can be enjoyed with your guild mates, or by yourself listening to Soft Jazz. Proper cutters and lighters aren't necessary, but will definitely enhance the overall experience, and you won't ruin a cigar with a pair of scissors like I did once.

WARNING: Unless you're Bill Clinton, DO NOT INHALE. It's the most unpleasant thing you will ever do.

Feel free to fill up the comment box with crap as to how unhealthy it is.


  1. You can't forget +5 spirit to all those around you!

    Sorry I just had to add that.

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  3. haha I dont think -10 stamina does it justice, maybe -15 . . . . jk, but yeah i never was a fan!

  4. I love cigars, and have inhaled. I'm a smoker, and still don't recommend it LOL

  5. As someone who used to smoke cigarettes, I could never understand the liking for cigars... I think they taste horrid!