Wednesday, February 9, 2011


With Valentine's day on the horizon, allow me to enlighten you on chocolate. When I say chocolate, I mean real chocolate, not this shit you're used to.

Milk chocolate fucking sucks.

Milk chocolate has it's time and place, somewhere around you level 6 or 8. If you want to get an invite to a one man raid to your fellow woman/man's underwear you need real chocolate. You need a level cap chocolate, that shows you're world traveled and refined. REAL chocolate, DARK chocolate, with wings and horns and fangs and shit. 

Real chocolate.

This along peanut butter or other types of dark (which are all percentage based) along with some fruit, will get you that loot you've always been after. Now depending on this your date may or may not be public, if it happens in your house, then you need to get you a fondue pot and create a lovely atmosphere for a date. If you're going out somewhere, support a mom and pop restaurant, not the hippies at The Melting Pot. Now as to why you should be eating dark instead of milk: 

  • Stat boosts: All the stat boosts from milk chocolate, with the bonus of +20 intellect for being so refined and NONE of the processed debuffs of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate also promotes circulatory system health.

Wikipedia has this to say on the subject:
A study reported by the BBC indicated that melting chocolate in one's mouth produced an increase in brain activity and heart rate that was more intense than that associated with passionate kissing, and also lasted four times as long after the activity had ended.
If this doesn't convince you, you probably should be reading another blog.

I may expand on this topic for the V-Day extravaganza in the works. Recipes, home decor, etc. But keep your eyes on the prize and you will be one step closer to the loot you want from Life.

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  1. Now all you need to worry about is cavities.

    -$2000 for root canal