Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just remindin' ya, I'm alive.

After Valentine's, I've had some massive family aggro, and as such I've had to put hold on what already was a very short blogging "career". Rest assured that I will keep spewing my bile from now on, and that you won't miss a single moment of it.

I turned 22 yesterday, which we all know is supposed to give me +hp, mp, str, agi, etc. Now the issue remains for me to find my damn trainer to see what new skills I pick up. I've been told in about 10 or so years I get to pick up "Midlife Crisis", which I've been told is fun as hell.

And now for the part where all 2 of you get to interact :D what would you say is the best birthday gift you've ever recieved? This year has got to be in the top 3 for me, since a friend got me a vinyl copy of Queen's "A Night At The Opera". That's really all for now. Sheesh, I've got to make a damn blogging schedule, otherwise these rants are going to be very few and far between, and I'd like to give you guys a good reason to have followed me.